From the time I was a teenager, working on cars was more of a pleasure than an obligation.  I was raised in a family where tinkering on hot rods in the neighborhood was the fare for most free evenings and weekends.  Back in the day, even my mom's head was "under the hood."

I started turning wrenches professionally at a privately owned repair shop in 1971.  Through the years I have continued to educate myself and moved up the ranks from general mechanic, to heavy-duty technician, service advisor, and then service manager at some major Northwest dealerships.  In 1997 my wife and I purchased the property that is now Mike's Auto Clinic on the corner of Cole St. and Marshall Ave. in Enumclaw.

I understand that each customer's relationship with their vehicle is different.   Some just want their car to run; while other customers treat their vehicle like a member of the family. 

Regardless of how you feel about your vehicle, my goal is to build a foundation of trust with each and every customer.  After all, it's my name on the door and we want you to feel comfortable relying on our experience and expertise in the automotive repair business.

Pam and I are dedicated to honesty, value and outstanding service to our neighbors throughout the Enumclaw/Buckley plateau.  We are independently owned and operated.

We provide a
FREE inspection and consultation.  Bring your car in today!


Call Mike or Lee at 360-825-5973 or email at service@mikesautorepairclinic.com